OFF-TOPIC: The most deserving cause?

Phil Knight, who has made billions off the backs of teenage workers in Asia making his overpriced Nike shoes, has decided that Stanford Business School is the most deserving cause he can think of, and is giving it $105 million. Stanford University, separate from the business school ,has an endowment of $15 billion. Stanford’s business school, whose graduates are probably the richest elite in the history of the world since Louis XIV’s court, already has an endowment of $700 million and it only has 300 students a year.

Can he really think of no one in the world who needs the money more?

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  1. Good decision Nike guy–giving to those who already have everything. Why don’t you go to Asia and tour one of those factories you have your shoes made in? Then you’ll see poverty and workers without healthcare, education, or hope. Maybe you can redirect your effort there