POLICY/TECH: Just a wee bit more on CMS caving to the device guys

I was going to write some more about the CMS capitulation but over at Health Care Renewal Roy Poses has already said it all. Go and read.

This is why the Enthoven plan for putting private entities (or at least non-lobbyable) entities in the middle is perhaps the solution for the US to avoid the whole system getting even more like defense contracting. If the “plan sponsors” got a flat rate (or PMPM) from the government or price sensitive consumers but still had to deliver a mandated uniform benefits package, then they’d have the incentive to beat up on the suppliers.

It is amazing that Kennedy and Kerry can be bought off by their loyalty to Boston Scientific less than a week after Kerry stumps for universal health care. Perhaps he just can’t make the intellectual connection between the high cost of devices and the un-affordability of health insurance. On the other hand, perhaps this country is just ungovernable. We have seen the future and it is Halliburton.

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