POLICY: Another balanced debate–what did you expect from the WSJ editorial pages?

So in this online "debate" about consumer health care called Consumer Choice: Can It Cure The Nation’s Health-Care Ills? the WSJ editorial page shows its lack of bias by having two HSA advocates, and one very tired liberal debunking them.  And Reischauer obviously couldn’t type as fast as the other two.

And no one mentioned the 80/20 rule, nor the RAND experiment that showed that needed care was forgone as often as un-needed care. And despite the fact that the two HSA loonies claim that we do not apparently ration by price, we have a huge rate of bankruptcies caused by medical bills, and huge numbers of the poor are unable to afford reccomended care or have trouble paying for care compared to poor people in other countries. But why bother using actual data published in peer reviewed journals when you can wax poetic telling lies about South Africa while ignoring what’s going on in Singapore. But it’s a "debate" so why sweat the small stuff?

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