TECH: iPods and Health Care

The ever wonderful Jane Sarasohn Kahn has a new commentary up at iHealthbeat on  iPods and Health Care. It’s really more about how consumers are using new media in general in health care rather than podcasting per se, but it’s well worth a read.


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  1. To gadfly: What you are saying sounds like a common argument against e-health circa 1995. Mass adoption will take a little time. Technology takes time to mature. Have a little patience.
    To Matthew: This is bigger than how the consumers are using the new media now. The open flow of information has potential to change healthcare delivery, as we blogged about on HealthVoices.com

  2. A lot of people are making podcasts and talking about podcasts. But how many people are actually listening to podcasts. Think of the situation with the blog explosion: there are tons of blogs on every subject. The best a reader can do to manage their time is set up a portal page and browse. You can’t scan podcasts. You make a commitment to listen. I can’t see how this can be anything more than a fad in today’s over-committed, information-overloaded society.