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So the WSJ picks today, when I’m unable to get to post much, to send gads of people to THCB. Welcome, welcome, and please feel free to dig around in the categories to zero in on what you’re interested in. I’ve written a lot here in the last couple of years and at some point soon will try to put some of it together in a book-type format (if anyone’s interested).

Meanwhile, the WSJ article was about industry specific blogs. Two quick thoughts. One is that although it’s an industry within an industry, but HISTalk blog should be on the list. Second, Laura Landro who interviewed me for the story and did the write-up on me and THCB, has a very, very interesting story of her own about her intimate acquaintance with the health care system.

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  1. Jib, you’re a hoot. Matthew in the Economist, I don’t think so. I’m thinking of Matthew in Mad Magazine. Matthew said tax free HSAs wouldn’t amount to a hill of beans right before the Wells Fargo Exec. predicted more HSAs than 401Ks. But of course I think RedState.org is a bunch of left-wing liberals, but not as bad as Matthew. No one in America is quite as bad as Matthew is at spinning the liberal agenda into every post. That’s why I love it here, it’s like Socialized Medicine’s HQ. Matthew is also very colorful even though he calls soccer – football.

  2. Damn fine looking blog, Matthew. Its about time you were recognized. The Wall Street Journal.
    What’s next: the Economist?

  3. Yes, congratulations Matthew. You might have to start restricting the comments a bit. We ragamuffins need to be reined in.

  4. Kudos to Matt for a well-deserved honor! We’d like to think that great work like this always gets recognized, but it’s sadly not often the case.
    Also, in the spirit of good blogging karma, let’s also recognize John Mack’s parallel recognition by the WSJ for his industry site — http://pharmamkting.blogspot.com
    Great work by both of you …
    – James

  5. Great to see that you are getting the recognition you deserve, Matt.
    When you get your TV show, please have me on.
    Corey Nahman