TECH: Cerner stock keeps going up

Cerner’s stock price is up another 5% today. It’s P/E is nearing 45.  And this is for a company that basically sells more services (i.e. consulting) than software. No doubt that the re-architecting of their technology back in the last Millenium paid off big time, but this recent spurt really is on no new news, other than GE overpaid for IDX.

But does this mean that one of the oft-mentioned candidates for takeover (Oracle is a frequent mention, but any big tech firm might do) is having another look?  Or would the really ballsy play to be shorting Cerner here? Here’s the chart, and yes we should all have bought in May.


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  1. Since I’m writing from the Gartner healthcare conference, one wonders whether Cerner is reaching the height of inflated expectations and is will soon wall into the “trough of disillusionment”. Probability 0.6