BLOGS: Typepad apparently sucks

Typepad apparently has decided to start being unable to handle its traffic, or something. Anyway it just started eating posts, including a long one I just wrote. I hit save. It gave me an error message and a blank slate, I may have time to rewrite it, but with these web-base tools, if it’s gone, it’s probably gone (unlike say Word which tries to recover stuff).

So I may have to follow my post, but moving blog hosts is a total pain.  Anyone got any ideas? (I bet Typepad wishes it had eaten this one!)

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  1. I’m actually quite curious about the reliability of the comment feature.
    Has anybody else had problems posting comments or any other difficulties accessing the site?
    If you have, let me know ….

  2. I have no suggestions as to better hosting services. I do wonder whether it wouldn’t be better, as a general principle, to time these things up in a text editor (probably not Word which does funny things to html) and save them so that when, as is inevitable, it will be eaten, you’ll have a copy. Some of these will load directly into blogger. paperwight of fairshot (he subbed at Ezra’s place once) recommended one once. I’m sure he’d be glad to tell you which one if you e-mailed him.

  3. Ps. I thought I should mention that I’ve noticed that it takes comments a minute or so to show up, too. I thought it was my 56k connection, but maybe its Typepad. The problem started at the same time comments started openning up in a new window.

  4. Wow – isn’t Typepad the one you pay for?
    I actually applied for a job at Six Apart, and they never even acknowledged my application.