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Michael Owen
Michael Owen

I wrote the following fictional dialog to predict the direction of managed health care. MANAGED HEALTHCARE IN 2050: Touchstone Healthcare Corporation By Michael B. Owen Customer Service Representative (CSR): Hello. My name is Susan. I am your Touchstone Health Care Customer Service Representative. This call may be recorded to ensure quality and compliance with federal regulations. How may I help you today? Ralph: My name is Ralph and I am calling to get an authorization for a medical procedure. CSR: Ralph, are you a patient or a medical professional? Ralph: Patient. CSR: Well, I am sorry, Ralph but, Touchstone only… Read more »


Trapper – you need to broaden your narrow perspective. Myblog is about many topics related to managed care; your focus seems to be quite parochial and limited to monologues about the wonders of the free market.
There is no free market in health care.
And I’ve been in this business for 20 years; I look forward to your views when they come from a similar perspective.

Trapier K. Michael

…and he spits nails whenever you mention anything but a nationalized health care system (sound familiar Matthew?), even if you’re just trying to protect the little guy from being a puppet of the state at his most vulnerable moment: when he’s sick.
FYI – There’s another blog, http://www.isemmelweis.com, bringing you consumer-driven healthcare newsbites, which is also one year old today.
Check it out.
~Trapier K. Michael