TECH: Foundation for eHealth Initiative in a smidgin of trouble

You know, you try to help get this health care system IT stuff sorted out, you try to get people on one page on this eHealth BS, you get a little Federal money to try to get some of these projects off the ground…..and they want all this damn paperwork and are getting nasty about it.

The rest of you lining up to get your noses in the NHIN trough have been warned. Apparently our Federal government views paperwork as important and sloppy accounting as a bad thing. Unless of course it leads to a disaster so major that it decides to head up an independent investigation itself….

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  1. IMHO, things work out for everyone when auditing is an ongoing process. The real problem is that the “paperwork” jobs are distributed on the basis that anyone can do it, so these are patronage jobs. Unfortunately the HR Theology of Networking tends to shut out the relatively data-centric people who are really good at things like auditing. When the job goes to the person who best represents themselves as part of the Executive Club, instead of the person who sinned in their neglect of networking in favor of research and building actual skills, then this society gets what it deserves: poor record-keeping, little accountability, overly-expensive auditing after something goes terribly wrong, and a paranoid micro-managing government insisting on mountains of paperwork. It all comes down to the prejudice that there is something wrong with anti-social people, when they could be solving a lot of problems in the economy.