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#Healthin2Point00, Episode 228 | Mahana, Vera, Cadence, Commure & Ovia

#HealthIn2Point00 is still catching up on back deals from my HIMSS “vacation” when Jess lost track of me. Mahana Therapeutics gets $61m for its IBS related CBT DTx. Not everyone is happy! Vera Whole Health Clinic gets $50mm even if they don’t love Jess! Cadence gets $41m for RPM. Commure buys PatientKeeper from HCA, and LabCorp buys femtech co Ovia Health–Matthew Holt

THCB Gang, Episode 36, Dec 17

Today’s #THCBGang was an End of Year special. It’ll was a full “Hollywood Squares/Brady Bunch” with nine of us. Michael Millenson @MLMillenson, Deven McGraw @HealthPrivacy, Jessica DaMassa @jessdamassa, Maggi Cary @margaretcaryMD, Robin FarmanfarmaianĀ @Robinff3, Mike Magee @drmikemagee, Rosemarie Day @Rosemarie_Day1, & Marcus Whitney @marcuswhitney all got on to talk about the vaccines, the future of investing in health tech, a little bit about HIPAA, the future of vaccine passports, and more.

Yup we rounded off the year talking about the good, the bad and the very ugly of 2020. And giving our forecasts for 2021. And then a bunch more of the Gang came on at the 50 minute mark to give their hopes for 2021

You can see the video below and it’ll be on our podcast channel (Apple/Spotify) from Friday

Matthew Holt


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