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Who Cares? Lots of People Do, and This New Podcast Celebrates Them

Sometimes in healthcare it’s easy to get caught up in the negative. Rising costs, patient frustrations, challenges for hospitals and providers as we evolve toward value-based care. 

So it’s been a great pleasure recently to be involved with something that celebrates the positive things and people in healthcare. We, with the help of the great folks here at The Health Care Blog, recently launched a new healthcare industry podcast called “Who Cares? Hospital Talk.” The podcast gives a voice to people who are passionate about making patient care and experience better.

The Who Cares? Hospital Talk podcast builds positive awareness about the people in all types of roles “who care” and commit to improving patient care and experience. It provides a forum to lead the conversation about people improving healthcare in big and small ways with thoughtful, innovative approaches to advancing care quality, the patient experience, and efficiency in care progression. Continue reading…

Interview:CareLogistics and Mercy St. Vincent

Matthew Holt interviews Ben Sawyer, Executive Vice President of CareLogistics, and Imran Andrabi, President and CEO of Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center, at the World Health Care Congress.