Who Cares? Lots of People Do, and This New Podcast Celebrates Them

Sometimes in healthcare it’s easy to get caught up in the negative. Rising costs, patient frustrations, challenges for hospitals and providers as we evolve toward value-based care. 

So it’s been a great pleasure recently to be involved with something that celebrates the positive things and people in healthcare. We, with the help of the great folks here at The Health Care Blog, recently launched a new healthcare industry podcast called “Who Cares? Hospital Talk.” The podcast gives a voice to people who are passionate about making patient care and experience better.

The Who Cares? Hospital Talk podcast builds positive awareness about the people in all types of roles “who care” and commit to improving patient care and experience. It provides a forum to lead the conversation about people improving healthcare in big and small ways with thoughtful, innovative approaches to advancing care quality, the patient experience, and efficiency in care progression. 

The podcast interviews also aim to capture and express the personal side of these heroes of hospital care. The Who Cares? podcast has profiled a patient, a doctor, a nurse, a transformation specialist, a Lean healthcare delivery expert, and a child life specialist. Their stories inform and inspire:

Why Should Doctors Think Like Engineers?: The inaugural podcast interviewed THCB’s own physician editor, Dr. Sanchayeeta Mitra. She’s not just a top surgeon, she’s also an engineer, fascinated by systems. She talks about how we can improve care delivery and experience for patients and break through care bottlenecks by thinking like engineers.

It Takes More Than a Lollipop: Helping Kids Get Through the Hospital Experience: As a child life specialist for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Kristin Kirby’s mission is to ease the fears of children (and their families) in the hospital and comfort them through the procedures and treatments that will diagnose and heal them.

The Shift: A New Role for Today’s Hospital CFO: In the most recent podcast, Samantha Platzke, CFO and SVP of Systems Performance for podcast sponsor Care Logistics, explains how the role of the hospital CFO has evolved to focus more and more on care delivery, quality, and the patient experience. Bonus: Samantha also shares her perspectives about Matthew McConaughey and Pocahontas.

A Showman. A Patient. An Advocate. A Cancer Survivor: Tom Willner turned his patient journey into his muse, writing the successful musical “Turning Thirty” based on his experience as a cancer survivor. This interview shares Tom’s remarkable story, his guidance for patients facing similar struggles, and his advice to doctors and caregivers seeking to truly provide compassionate healing.

Leaning In or Out: Why Healthcare Should Stop Fearing and Start Loving Lean: Mark Graban literally wrote the book on Lean in Hospitals. In this podcast Mark helps us understand what the heck is Lean, and why hospitals, caregivers, and patients should care. You’ll also hear Mark’s take on skydiving and his favorite dessert.

The Nerdy Nurse Explains How Toyota Holds the Key to Better Healthcare: Brittney Wilson, known to many as The Nerdy Nurse, shares how the lessons of Toyota’s efficient production model can make life healthier and happier for patients and nurses alike. She also explains how Pokemon GO is encouraging healthy lifestyles.

The common trait we encountered with all of our podcast guests is passion. Everyone interviewed for “Who Cares?” expresses tremendous personal, emotional commitment to improving all aspects of the care experience for all patients. We look forward to more rewarding and enlightening discussions with the often unsung heroes of healthcare in future podcasts. 

Doug Walker is vice president of client development for Care Logistics and the host of the Who Cares? Hospital Talk podcast series.