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PHYSICIANS: Barry Bonds and the AMA’s still got management where they want them

The irony is quite staggering. On the same day that Barry Bonds gets the San Francisco Giants to bid against themselves–appalling the local baseball columnists–and give him $16m for one season in his tarnished chase of Hank Aaron, the Congress after a lot of high falooting talk, cancels the fee cut for Medicare Part B and gives a tiny P4P boost. Obviously like Bonds and the Giants management, the AMA still has Congress where it wants it — even though Bond’s numbers for the last two years have not exactly been worth $6m a year let alone $16m, and the cost to Medicare of Part B physician services has gone up despite previous fee cuts, while all the wonks agree that access to physicians for Medicare patients is not a problem (or at least not one affected by across the board fee increases or decreases).

Still let’s not look to baseball teams or Congress for rational decisions, especially with other people’s money. And I won’t even comment on the potential abolition of the limit to which people can put tax-free money in HSAs, other than to note that as they can be used for any spending after age 65 Congress may have just created the biggest tax avoidance scheme of all time!

PHYSICIANS/POLICY: NY Times is surprised about its Ps and Qs in Prostate Cancer Therapy

Das KapitalSo there are three treatments for prostate cancer. Medicare pays physicians a whole lot more for one (new snazzy non-invasive one that patients prefer too)  than the other two. So they rush off to get the necessary equipment and staff-up to perform the new procedure. Then they start doing that rather more than they others. And the NY Times is surprised!

Wow. Just wait till they hear about chemotherapy, and how much of that treatment “choice” is based on incentives to physicians. (Cue Greg to tell us!)

Just another reminder why non-globally budgeted FFS in a system with no mandated technology cost-effectiveness assessment does not work. And that’s roughly what Medicare provides. Instead we should be trying to figure out what is the best patient long-term outcome is for a pre-determined amount of spending.

PHYSICIANS: Pity the poor radiologist

They are “frustrated” by Liability and Lifestyle Issues, only 7% them are truly happy—although 70% would do it all over again if they had the chance (more than most other doctors). And only 25% of them make more than $400K a year and 40% have to struggle by on less than $300K.

But pretty clearly these are the good old days for radiologists. Methinks that if they don’t like it now, the average radiologist may be in for a rude shock in the next decade or two, as technology will make their skills increasingly exportable to other cheaper radiologists abroad and replaceable by computers reading images. Of course, they’ll not be quiet in defending their lucrative turf, and demand for imaging will just keep going up, so their future isn’t quite that of the steel worker in the 1980s.

But this is one place to watch in the coming years.

PHYSICIANS: The New York Times–desperate to fill column inches

When I think about all the problems in American health care, many of them the result of the political and clinical choices made by “older and middle-aged physicians (like myself)” (“Myself” being the author of the piece, Dr Erin Marcus from Miami) I can’t say that the non-formal attire worn by some young doctors  is exactly in the top 5000. In fact wearing a tie, as she (I think Erin is a she) points out, is actually harmful as they collect bacteria—so the chippie with the low cut top is better for the patient than the stuffy old doc wearing the tie!

But honestly, has the paper of record got nothing better to say about physicians, and no one more interesting than Dr. Marcus to invite to write about them? I’m reminded of open sores…..

Happy Thanksgiving!

QUALITY/PHYSICIANS: OBGYNs are scientists, scientists I tell you

Interesting long article in the New Yorker by Atul Gawande about How childbirth went industrial. Briefly it’s about how we stopped using all kinds of techniques for getting kids out that required a lot of skill because we started measuring the results on a universal scale. And the result is a lot, lot more C-Sections. In the UK they don’t use so many C-Sections, so I asked a recently retired British OBGYN I know rather well for his opinion. Here’s what my dad has to say about the article:
It shows yet again that the worst way to deliver a baby is by C/S following a long failed labour. If you could guarantee a normal labour then that would probably be best for mother and baby, at least at the time. This doesn’t allow for the increase in prolapse and Sphincter Weakness Incontinence (Stress incontinence)in later life. It also shows that female doctors are the poorest judge of how they should deliver!

The Great Balance Billing Scandal By Eric Novack

Novack_sm_2In California, the possibility exists that the unelected
department of insurance, under pressure from the insurance industry and
patient advocacy groups, may fundamentally alter the way medicine is
practiced. In an effort to get a work around the
disgraceful- yet very culturally sensitive- single payer bill recently
vetoed by Governor Schwarzenegger, there is a move afoot to ban the
practice of balance billing.
What is balance billing you say? Sounds very wonkish and unimportant. Sounds like those unethical, over-utilizing, quality-unconcerned doctors are just trying another technique to scam the ‘system’. (But I thought the familiar refrain is that we do not have a health system? …) I will explain with an example.

Continue reading…

PHYSICIANS/PHARMA: The oncologists’ chemo junket flies above the radar

You may have heard just a few things on THCB from Greg Pawelski, Matt Quinn, me and others about the oncologist prescribing franchise, and how it might just change physicians’ behavior a tad. Well Greg informs me that last Thursday the whole issue made it onto the NBC Nightly News.

Greg also notes that the community oncologists (well, he calls them something rather ruder, but he’s insulting the world’s oldest profession so I won’t use his language) have their own response. They are “outraged!”


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