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THCB Quickbite: Ines Vigil, SVP Transformation & Services, Clarify Health Solutions

Ines Vigil, SVP Transformation & Services, Clarify Health Solutions talked with me at HIMSS23. A quick discussion about what Clarify Health does, and why the health system needs a huge database of 330m patients. Quick clue is that payment negotiations and benchmarking of clinical performance is the biggest demand, and Ines now actually heads up a consulting group that providers need to be overlaid on that data–Matthew Holt

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  1. Ines Vigil’s role as Senior Vice President of Transformation & Services at Clarify Health Solutions is truly remarkable. She has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and has been instrumental in driving the company’s success.
    Her passion for healthcare and commitment to improving patient outcomes is truly inspiring. Clarify Health Solutions is fortunate to have such a talented and dedicated individual leading their transformation and services efforts. Ines Vigil is a true asset to the healthcare industry, and her contributions are sure to have a lasting impact on patient care.

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