The Neobiological Revolution | Jane Metcalfe, CEO NEO.LIFE & Founder Wired Magazine


Jane Metcalfe founded Wired Magazine 25 years ago to talk about the tech revolution. Today, her new publication, NEO.LIFE is reporting from the the front lines of the “Neobiological Revolution.” From the most astounding developments in neuroscience, genome sequencing, and longevity to biohacking, synthetic biology, fertility, and human performance, NEO.LIFE covers the bleeding edge of health innovation. From that vantage point, we got Jane to weigh in on all the big questions…like how is today’s health tech scene reminiscent of the burgeoning tech scene of the 90’s? And, of course, why the f%$! are there still fax machines in hospitals?!

Jessica DaMassa is the host of the WTF Health show & stars in Health in 2 Point 00 with Matthew Holt.

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