Into America: The Odds Against a Foreign Trained Doctor


In this episode of Firing Line, Saurabh Jha (aka @RogueRad), has a conversation with Chadi Nabhan, MD MBA FACP, who is a preeminent oncologist, speaker and the Chief Medical Officer of Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions.

At the great heights of his career, and a secure American citizen, Chadi recalls the struggle and effort it took to get from Syria to Boston. He credits his journey to good luck and a tenacious drive and uncompromising desire to work in the U.S. Chadi speaks for thousands of international medical graduates to fight odds to get here.

Listen to our conversation at Radiology Firing Line Podcast.

Saurabh Jha is a contributing editor to THCB and host of Radiology Firing Line Podcast of the Journal of American College of Radiology, sponsored by Healthcare Administrative Partner.

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  1. 1) Think seriously about installing a speed button on your audio. I always listen to Youtubes at the 25% or 50% faster rate. It’s a real luxury to take the time to listen to something this long.

    2) I will have to say that at present I am pretty worried about hiring anyone with a visa of any kind. I have a number of H1B people and am scared to death that we might not do everything just right and they might get kicked out. These are good docs with families. I would feel awful if anything happened because we didn’t get the paperwork just right so we have gone back with our immigration lawyers and double checked and even redone some steps to be safe.


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