Struggling to Get Customers, Revenue and Traction in the Digital Health Market?

Imagine the peace of mind and confidence you will feel if you had a quick, proven process to take your solution or concept from its current state to one that generates sustainable revenue, hoards of customers and value to the healthcare ecosystem.

Elena Lipson has been working with organizations and entrepreneurs in the digital health community for more than 15 years to help them successfully bring new products and services to market, identify and engage new customers and partners, and grow their market share.

For the first time, she is offering a free webinar training to the Health 2.0 community to share the three steps you need to create a blueprint for your digital health solution that will get you customers, accelerate your path to revenue, and help you go to market quickly even if:

  • You haven’t worked in healthcare before
  • You don’t have product development or sales experience
  • You don’t have partners

Think about what happens if you can’t secure the customers, revenue and funding you need to grow your business?  

Or worse, you don’t have enough to run the business?

According to Bloomberg, 80% of entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 8-10 months. Most fail because they simply run out of cash.

But the cracks in the foundation start well before these companies run out of money.

What if you never had to worry about whether customers wanted your solution and impressing investors? What if you could focus instead on bringing valuable products and services to the market without hitting potholes?

What if you knew exactly how you were going to scale your business and could predict how customers, investors and the broader market would react to your offering?

If you’re a digital health entrepreneur and this is your first venture, or if you’re a more seasoned entrepreneur who has successfully launched other start-ups but you’re entering healthcare for the first time, then this training will be valuable for you.

You will walk away knowing about the broader trends shaping the digital health ecosystem in 2017, the unique challenges in this market and how your business can capitalize on them by creating a Digital Health Blueprint.

Join us on: May 1 at 1pm EST to get the exact Blueprint that will help you get customers, accelerate your path to revenue and give you the confidence so that you can go to market quickly in 2017.

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You will walk away with:

  • The main reason so many digital health entrepreneurs fail and how to avoid their mistakes
  • The 3 steps to a proven Digital Health Blueprint that brings in money and customers
  • Elena’s process to develop the Blueprint so that your business gets you customers, revenue and confidence to go to market quickly.

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Elena Lipson is the Principal and Founder of Mosaic Growth Partners.

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