Elation’s Kyna Fong on a new type of EMR company

There’s so much happening in the Health 2.0 world of new technology in health that it’s hard to keep up. AI, VR, AR, Blockchain–and they’re just the buzzwords keeping the VCs happy. So this year I’ve decided to try to interview more interesting new companies to keep you in the know. We’ll see how long that resolution lasts but first up is Kyna Fong, CEO of ElationHealth. Yes, she left a Stanford tenure-track professorship to start an EMR company, and no, she doesn’t sound crazy! This is an in-depth interview including a decent length demo, and it hints at how companies like hers might solve the conundrum of EMRs being necessary but impossible to use.

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  1. Matthew, nice post! Thanks for sharing. I would like to mention the Romexsoft company. It`s an outsourcing provider in Ukraine which has more than 15+ years of experience in healthcare software development. Also, I am sharing the blog that shows what we need to know about electronic health or medical record

  2. Interesting, but it looks very similar to the best implementations existing EMRs that are out there. I didn’t see any capabilities that aren’t already available with the big vendors. Note that I said “implementations” and not “products”. Epic and Cerner can do a demo just as good and clinically focused as this one (I’ve seen them), the trick is getting health systems to implement the features correctly and govern their data and build effectively.

  3. This is probably one of the best systems I have seen. This company came out to me while on a trip to Seattle to pitch their system. I love that these two designed their system for their father, who is an independent MD. they are constantly making improvements. I’m not sure I will ever go electronic, but if I do, would consider this system at the top of my list.

  4. Yeah. I wrote them up on my KHIT.org blog and have reached out to them.

    BTW, back during the DOQ-IT era (circa 2005) we used to go to the annual “TEPR” conference (Toward an Electronic Patient Record), a highlight of which was the charting competition, with rival EHR vendors entering data from standard dummy patient encounter scenarios to see who could enter them most quickly and accurately (projected on to large overhead screens in real time). Wish we were still doing that kind of stuff.

  5. Bobby

    Would you be interested in taking Elation for a test drive for THCB if Kyna is open to the idea? We’d like to hear your take.

    / j

  6. Did she actually ever talk with practicing docs and nurses before finalizing this? That would be nice, instead of the finance people.


  7. Hmm. Looks like Outlook. I’d like to take it for a test drive with my clinical team.

  8. I will have to cite this on my KHIT blog, and look into this company. The utility criteria that guide me are in line with the “clinical workflow support focus” principles set forth by Jerome Carter, MD at EHRscience.com. I will apprise him of this.