Livongo–update on the “new diabetes meter experience”

I spent a day in Chicago last week and caught up with Stephanie Kowalski from Livongo. This is the company that has a very cool new blood glucose meter, with cloud communication, and a careteam and coaching function built in. The CEO is ex- Allscripts boss Glen Tullman (no stranger to building big companies) and the product launched at Health 2.0 last Fall. Take a look at the video to get a sense of the user experience and hear more about the company’s rapid evolution (and to hear me almost choke to death!)

[youtube width=”425″ height=”325″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUSNb0oxF4M[/youtube]

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  1. Why no comments on this Techno-Idiocy? Stupefied? Do not know what to say?

    What a great idea! To have your blood sugar levels up in the Cloud where marketers,the government,your employer, and possible future employer can see it. And see it they will, for it is Data, and Data makes money. The middle aged-those most likely to be diabetic, are the most disposable workers in the force, and your employer will be glad to find a digital crowbar to pry you out of your job.

    Care teams? Coaching? Watch your wallet. Go to the Livongo site and under news see the article in “Entrepreneur” about the health care market.

    Who doubts that soon there will be an automatic blood pressure machine that will tattle as well, since its first allegiance will be to its Maker and the Cloud.

    Paranoia strikes deep, but that is where it needs to strike-