Will There Be a Sony For Healthcare in 2015?

flying cadeuciiIn 2015 I think there is a good chance we’ll see a major security incident along the lines of this month’s Sony hack.  This event will be like 9/11, in the sense that there will be a before and an after, and life as we know it will change forever. This has been coming for a long time. We’ll finally see how vulnerable we are and there will be a public outcry, most likely leading to some kind of government action.  Up until now, most incidents have been security breaches of the disgruntled employee and clueless user variety,  which are a huge big deal as far as HIPAA lawyers and privacy advocates are concerned, but not a very real threat to anybody.

This will be the real thing, with potentially disastrous results. I don’t know if this will be an attack on by a politically-motivated hacker group. (I’m surprised it hasn’t happened already. ) Or an attack on a academic hospital system designed to acquire potentially valuable patient and research data.  Or a hack of a health insurance company, intended to Wikileak financial and (possibly damaging) patient claims data. For an insurer with a poor track record, this could cause serious problems.

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William Palmer MD

No question it’s coming. Some powerful person will be exposed as having an abortion or has been in a rehab clinic, or has had a diagnosis of bipolar disorder…Or a political candidate running for office..Or is in a divorce custody battle…Or a paternity suit …it is too easy to imagine the scenarios. Bound to happen.


I was not aware about the attack on