Getting to Pareto Optimality from Sermo–The Dan Palestrant interview

Daniel Palestrant was one of the first big stars of the early Health 2.0 movement, and he was often at Health 2.0 conferences and on THCB. He founded the biggest (US based) online doctor network Sermo in 2005, rode it like a rocketship, and then left with little explanation in late 2011. Rumors swirled about the company, then it was bought by WorldOne, while Palestrant (and colleague Adam Sharp) was seen in a series of photos with a cutout of an obscure economist. He then seemingly vanished. Now he’s back, and the company named for that economist, Par8o, just announced a funding round of $10.5m and a series of impressive clients.

But what happened at Sermo? And how did that get him to Par8o? I met Dan for a in-depth reminiscence. But briefly in his words; all the investors (including him) in Sermo were happy with the WorldOne buyout; what he learned from the ACA was the inspiration for Par8o; and, he’s now building the underpinning health care operating system. We’ll have more later this week, but watch our catch up.

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  1. Sounds a lot like what Revolution Health intended to do back in 2006… Be healthcare’s operating system. Hmm…. Irresistible concept, details are murky. Unclear if those in the trenches (doctors and patients) will benefit much in the end. I’d love to be wrong… But I’ve seen how pursuit of the “one ring to rule them all” ends.