Button 2.0: Open Access


Currently research is published in journals with expensive subscriptions, which hides knowledge behind paywalls away from the public who paid for it.

How we publish research is broken, but it can be fixed and the Open Access Button is here to help. Open Access has the potential to give everyone free access to the world’s cutting edge research. This will help your doctor save lives, families get access to the latest research on their loved one’s disease, researchers advance our understanding of the world, and students better further their education.

Learn more and contribute to the Indiegogo campaign herehttp://bit.ly/1fPHxkO.

Sign up for your Open Access Button at openaccessbutton.org.  

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  1. Brilliant!

    Love the British sense of humor, lads!

    Just hurt myself banging my head on my iMac

    John Irvine

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