Ok, I Have Insurance Now. But I Can’t Use It.

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THCB reader Jillian writes in with this troubling report from the marketplace:

“I got my new member ID card, but I can’t use my insurance because “there is a delay in the system” and Blue Cross needs to get an official letter from the Marketplace.

I don’t know what the real problem is, I get a different answer every time. But I can’t get authorized to see my doctor. What do I?”

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  1. Insurance is . . . insurance. It is not necessarily an automatic discount, nor is it guaranteed access to any doctor of choice. Health insurance at a minimum, is insurance against catastrophic events (as life insurance is to death and home insurance is to a tornado) that could potentially bankrupt an individual. If one gets severely injured in a car accident or unexpectedly develops cancer, insurance will prevent bankruptcy and assure at least some basic access to essential medical care. The ACA set up rules for insurers to ensure that all health plans meet these minimums. Beyond these minimum standards, like everything else in this world, you get what you pay for . . .

  2. It’s obvious what the problem is. Since THE ACT is the greatest piece of legislation in the history of mankind, and the exchanges were designed brilliantly and they are now running flawlessly, there are only three reasonable possibilities:
    1) BCBS, being a for profit entity, is attempting to screw you and blame the non-profit, utopian exchange designers and runners, or
    2) Your doctor who is attempting to exploit your medical issues for her/his own personal gain has determined he/she cannot profit from your misery so they are blaming the non-profit, utopian exchange designers and runners, or
    3) Your story is a tall tale and completely false and you are a liar trying to blame the very people who know what is best for you and have only pure, non-profit, motives.

    Just kidding. It is probably all three.

  3. “But I can’t get authorized to see my doctor.”

    Is this an emergency? How did you get docs paid before ACA?