Crowdsourcing the Kaiser Permanente Center For Total Health

Our friends at Kaiser Permanente asked us reach out THCB readers for help with a cool crowdsourcing project. The Kaiser innovation team is working on developing new content for The Kaiser Permanente Center For Total Health , KP’s shiny new 16,000 square foot exhibition and meeting space in downtown Washington D.C.

If you’re close enough to make the trip, we highly recommend that you stop by and take an hour or so to poke around a bit before submitting your suggestions.  Failing that, you can take the online interactive tour here.

If you’re a doctor, a med student, a designer, an entrepreneur, a patient – or if you just have a good idea –  we’d like to hear from you.  KP’s innovation team asked us to ask you four questions. You can answer one or you can answer them all.

1.  What is Total Health? In other words, what is health? What’s important to you?

2. What should total health look like when implemented? What innovations can be used to drive change in the healthcare system? What will healthcare look like in the future?

3.How should total health be supported? What can be done to make healthcare better? Smarter?  Both within the healthcare system? And in our own lives?

4. If you were designing an interactive wall to demonstrate total health to visitors what would you focus on. In other words, if you were designing an exhibition what would it look like? What would your message be? What would help educate the public? How would you get that message across? Yes, you can send us an picture.

Answers can be left in the comment thread below. If you prefer to submit a video response via YouTube send the link to editor@thehealthcareblog.com. or paste in the comments below.  Blog posts should be submitted to THCB editors at editor@thehealthcareblog.com

For the interactive design question, we asked THCB’s editors what they’d like to see. Here’s what we came up with on the back of our paper napkin:

1. Kids Health. Give us a kid’s eye view. Nobody looks at the world from their POV.
2. Data. Use data visualizations to show the power of data to improve healthcare.
3. Forget data! Give us nurses! Create an interactive display showing the unsung role that nurses play  in the healthcare system.
4. Inventionarium. Show us some of the inventions and innovations that haven’t made it.
5. Six Degrees of Health. Show us how the health of communities is connected. Show us how individuals. families. neighborhoods and cities are linked together. Give us an interactive game!

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  1. Hello everyone,

    Thanks for the excellent feedback! Keep it coming, and by all means believe that no health professional or person should feel excluded from providing ideas.

    In fact, one of the most important themes we discuss in the Center for Total Health is inclusion, and the idea that innovation doesn’t just come from doctors – we include nurses, all allied health, all staff, members, patients, and organized labor, to name just a few.

    Stop in and see us if you haven’t been yet,

    Ted Eytan, MD
    Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health

  2. Thank you THCB for interesting challenge.
    One suggestion…pls look at the list of people you suggested provide innovative ideas to this project. I believe nurses are missing from the list. Although category 3 refers to nurses “unsung” role in total health.

    I suggest you reach out to nurses directly to submit innovative answers to these questions. The feedback may be quite interesting…nurses have been innovating to meet patient needs and promote health for a very long time.

  3. Kinematix strives to develop holistic solutions for health adverse events (pressure ulcers, falls, wandering) to provide the best safety and comfort for patients and also for caregivers, giving them a solution to reduce paperwork, implement better care plans and improve financial outcomes. Please see one of the products MOViNSENSE in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TeEkP95A06c

  4. This is inspired by james.

    Why not have a MOOC exhibit where people can view MOOC med school classes? Watch a lecture at Standford? Harvard Med?

  5. @exhibit design thread. I’d like to see an interactive display where the touchscreen wall map allows visitors to “see” into different points in the health care system network and watch action live in the OR – ED – hospitals / clinics around the country – probably couldn’t be done live due to privacy concerns but a simulation would be really cool. Get Google Glass in there somewhere maybe?

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