True or False? I’m Better Off Waiting

East Coast THCB reader writes:

“Ok. Here’s my situation. I’ve tried signing up for coverage at Healthcare.gov several times without success.  (I got a combination of the weird glitches and other symptoms other readers have reported. ) After the last fail, I decided to hold off on any further attempts on the theory that things are bound to get better.

Based on the news reports I’m seeing, that may or may not be happening. I’m starting to worry that if I wait too long I may get caught up in the mad rush as people scramble to beat the deadline.  Given what’s happened so far, I’m not highly confident that  Healthcare.gov will be working.

So here’s my question: am I better off waiting or should I try to push my application through the system now?”

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  2. What I want to know many say they have successfully application, but have they received a notice from the insurer that they have been enrolled? Big different.

  3. Try creating a new account and starting the process anew. That seems to be the fix that works for a lot of people.

  4. I had tried over 50 times to login over the past few months. I finally made it through the other day, and I’m about to choose my plan and finally enroll. For me, the quick fix was providing a different email address and making a brand new account. There’s no logical answer, but it worked. Good luck!