D.C. Insurance Commissioner Fired One Day After Saying No to Obama’s Fix

William P. White was among the first insurance commissioners in the nation to push back on the President’s plan to allow some people to keep their current plans. DC¬†Wonks #predictablyoutraged.

More at The Washingon Post.

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  1. Thanks, certainly doesn’t bode well for openness and transparency. What’s left but to jump the shark, now?

  2. The Obama administration functions just like the Mafia. I’m surprised this guy didn’t find a horse’s head in his bed, or turn up “accidentally” killed.

  3. Obama and his cronies love diversity — as long as it is diversity of race, gender, sexual preference, immigration status, or national origin. It’s apparently only diversity of thought that they can’t tolerate.

  4. This goes to show that the Obama Administration values NOTHING so much as loyalty. Look at the moles Obama has surrounded himself with. Clearly incompetent, have botched his most precious projects and achievements, yet they remain gainfully employed.

    Clearly Loyalty over competence, over and over again. it will be the reason no one will remember his tenure favorably, on the Left or the Right.

  5. First this is not a “fix”, it is absurd political cowardice.

    Second, the mob never listens to the voice of intelligent reason.

    Third, politicians know how to elbow their way to the front of the mob and claim leadership.