Health 2.0 and Enspektos Market Intelligence Webinar TODAY

Enspektos and Health 2.0 have come together to implement a unique market intelligence partnership.  It will combine:

  • Groundbreaking insights on how digital content can be used to change health behavior – based on a novel consumer research tehchnology
  • Deep intelligence about the shape and future of digital health from a  technology and company perspective.

Health 2.0 and Enspektos are holding a Webinar TODAY August 15 at 2pm ET where we’ll not only talk about these offerings, but also provide a sampling of the kind of big picture intelligence and analysis we’ll be delivering.  You’ll also learn how you can access our unique insights and much more 24/7. Click here to spend an hour with us learning about the new breed of health technology market intelligence Health 2.0 and Enspektos will deliver — Fard Johnmar, Enspektos & Matthew Holt, Health 2.0

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