Let’s Have Dinner and Talk About Death: Indiegogo Campaign

When we launched our Indiegogo campaign earlier this month we blew through our initial goal – raising  $7000 in a matter of hours – with funds coming from around the globe.

This makes it clear that people are ready for this conversation, and gives us great momentum as developers continue to work around the clock finishing our site and interactive platform – Let’s Have Dinner and Talk About Death.

Today marks the final day for the campaign.

We are now confident we can break $20,000 – enabling our Global Launch on August 24th in partnership with the Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Foundation.

Support the campaign here.

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  1. I am a retired hospice nurse recently publishing a book called Whose Death Is It Anyway? A Hospice Nurse remembers. I totally support more conversations about death and dying. My book emphasizes the importance of people being able to express their needs and desires about death-either imminent or in the distant future-who knows? I’d love to know how the campaign is going?