Interview with Alexandra Drane: Eliza loads for bear….

Eliza is one of the more interesting Health 2.0 companies. It’s best known for making millions of automated (and very cute) phone calls on behalf of health insurers, employers and PBMs, but really they have a wealth of collected data that is received from and delivered to consumers over multiple channels to engage them in their health. We’ve featured them at Health 2.0 several times (and FD they’ve been a sponsor), one appearance resulted in them acquiring a fellow panel member (Sprigley) to enhance their web solutions. Like many companies that get to a decent size (somewhere between $25m & $50m in revenues) they faced the choice of getting bought or continuing on with organic growth–which they’ve done so far. Today they’ve made a third choice and taken on private equity money from Parthenon Capital.

What are they going to do with the cash? After all you might guess that there are other tools and services that health plans might be interested in. I interviewed Eliza’s President Alexandra Drane today to find out.

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  1. Eliza is a great company. I worked at a health carrier and they really helped us drive new customers. Very easy to work with too!