Google Health, can it be only mostly dead?

So the rumors are true and Google Health is being sunsetted. I’ll have more to say about this soon, but as someone who has a lot of data in Google Health and who doesn’t really want to move it anywhere else–even though I don’t go in and look at it that often–I think that that answer might be to have some open source co-operative take it over. That was the original idea behind Dossia and there’s a budding open source community in health care that might be able to do something similar. In fact the biggest and most successful EMR (VISTA) was built by such a method (albeit within the VA). This is just a thought at the moment, but part of the issue is that we need to connect data from the health care system with data from the consumer device ecosystem without being beholden to either (especially the former).  It is though ironic the Google Health is throwing in the towel when data liberacion, including the very successful Blue Button, and suggestions of open APIs from health care tech vendors, are just starting to come true. But perhaps there’s a way to get a Billy Crystal in the room and resurrect it from its planned end.


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  1. Google Health would have been a huge asset if Google would have made Google Health into an EHR accessible by healthcare providers. Working in the healthcare industry on the medical credentialing side of things ( at http://medicalcredentialing.org ), we hear from providers every day who are looking for an affordable and reliable EHR.

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