Mike Barber, GE Healthymagination

Last week thanks to the munificence of the RWJ Pioneer Fund (thanks Steve, Paul & team!), I spent a few days at the TEDMED conference in the Hotel Del Coronado near San Diego (famous for its role pretending to be a Florida hotel in the best Marilyn Monroe movie, Some Like it Hot).

While I was there I caught up with Mike Barber, VP of Healthymagination–GE’s current big play in the health care space, which combines its work in imaging, diagnostics, IT and much more.

This effort is clearly coming into focus now, and Mike gave a nice talk about it at TEDMED. He also discussed the new join venture GE has in the area of pathology with University of Pittsburgh Medical Center called Omnyx. I spoke with Mike and raised a few points about the validity and future of imaging (including one part of the future he pulled from his pocket), consumer health, and the EMR world.  Gene Cartwright, CEO of Omnyx, makes a quick appearance here too. This is 10 minutes worth seeing to find out what the world’s biggest industrial conglomerate is up to in the world of health care.

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