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What’s wrong with this picture?

Picture 3

And the answer is not the quality of the model!  In the comments please!

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  1. Problem is this business has forgotten who is the ultimate customer. When you treat your customers like crap, your ability to charge a margin diminishes greatly. So, I’ll see all you doctors either at CVS or the DMV. LD

  2. What’s wrong with the picture is that Matthew is covering up the pharma ad from the company that sponsored the clipboard. No free advertising for them.

  3. “Patient can’t enter data on computer? Sry! No health care for you!”
    Run it on Windows Vista and the 75% of the time it is down, booting, or just doing crazy senseless stuff you could also deny treatment. We could knock HC GDP to mid single digits no problem.
    no EMR missing PhreesiaPad are you supposed to check this before you make an appointment? They verify eligibility you verify Phreesia. How are doctors every going to learn if you don’t punish them?

  4. There should be a computer kiosk in that office in which patients must type in their CC, HPI, PMH, meds, allergies, SH, FH, and an ROS check list. The patient then signs it, the clinician then reviews it, performs an exam, makes an assessment and a plan, dictates this, and then signs the objective portion of the note. Patient walks out with the completed progress note at the time of service. Patient can’t enter data on computer? Sry! No health care for you! I just *love* the direction health care is going! It’s what motivated me to go to med school in the first place.

  5. Margalit–other than me accidentally giving Chaim a chance for some free advertising, my impression is that Phreesia is free and makes its money on a per-transaction charge for co-pays.
    When they gave me the clipboard, I realized that I was randomly wearing the Phreesia t-shirt (my expensive dress sense coming through again) So i thought it was pretty funnny.
    And that office? No EMR and a Centricity PM.

  6. Oh…. my apologies. I didn’t look closely at your Orange outfit. I assumed it was standard issue… 🙂
    Chaim, yes, I know several happy Phreesia customers. Great product! What is the subscription price, including those lovely tablets and the full assortment of services?

  7. What is wrong with this picture? You are missing a PhreesiaPad!
    Phreesia is the leading patient check-in solution nationwide. Phreesia not only makes check-in easier for patients and providers but eliminates the redundancy of filling out the same information over and over again. Phreesia instantly verifies insurance eligibility and benefits and allows patients to pay their copays and balances quickly and conveniently. Practices using Phreesia have noticed a 7% increase in payment collections and patient satisfaction levels are over 90%!
    And Margalit, to address your question (5), Phreesia hardware is FREE for every office, unlike other kiosk-type systems which can be quite pricey.

  8. I don’t know if your doctor has or doesn’t have an EHR, but even he/she does, here are the possible answers:
    1) They never updated the histories in the EHR, so all of them are still scanned in (not very likely).
    2) The EHR does not have an interface for patients, where histories can be updated by the patient – Patient Portal.
    3) The EHR has a Patient Portal but the software is not sophisticated enough to mark your entries differently and hold them in a pending status until the doctor reconciles.
    4) The EHR has all the above, but the doctor is still uncomfortable with you editing the chart and prefers that the nurse does it.
    5) The doctor doesn’t have the money to buy a Patient Kiosk for the waiting room, or a computer station or some tablets (maybe he/she had a few “disappearing” before).
    6) Doesn’t look like it from the picture, but are those “bubble sheets”? If they are they can be read by the software as well as if you filled the stuff online.
    Here is my question for you: Did you have the option to prefill those from home online?

  9. “Mr. Holt, you have NOT completed your INTAKE FORM.
    You MUST complete your intake form in order to see ANY of our clinicians.
    Yes, I KNOW you provided all of this information the last time you were here.
    Yes, I KNOW that that was just one month ago.
    Please COMPLETE your form and sit down over there on the Group W Bench.”

  10. Matthew,
    My doctor, who has a beautiful, tablet based EHR, still hands me this f$&%ing clipboard. I give him crap about it every time i see him but alas . . . It’s truly tiresome.
    So much for digital medicine!
    You do look like you could use a shave. . . or a good night’s sleep.

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