Health 2.0 Europe Conference Videos

On April 6-7, 2010, Health 2.0, in collaboration with Basil Strategies,
held the Health 2.0 Europe Conference in Paris, France. At long last Health 2.0 has posted the videos from this conference (translating geek speak about digital video formats was harder than we
thought). If you
go to Health 2.0 TV you can find all of the best on stage moments,
including the hosts’ opening introduction to Health 2.0, the keynote
speakers, the panels, and the demonstrations. We want to start you off
with the panel that has been called the best panel ever at Health 2.0,
Patients and Online Communities. This panel discussion is about the
impact that cultures, languages and context have on care delivery in
different countries.

Make sure that you stop by the Health
website and check out the Europe 2010 Conference videos.

Cliquez pour la vidéo en français French

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