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Diversinet: a backbone for unplatforms?

Unplatforms is the term I’ve been using to describe the multitude of devices that people are using to collect and receive information. And also to cover the different channels they are using often on the same device (e.g. text, voice and web on one smart phone). Application developers are having to come up with strategies for connecting with people and moving and integrating their data in a world of multiple unplatforms, Diversinet has been focusing on creating a turnkey system for moving health data securely to patients–here’s a demo you can play around with to see how it works. It might be one solution for health care organizations to deal with all those unplatforms over which they need to reach consumers.

The company has recently changed its business strategy–it was working with a subsidiary of a Penn Blues plan to distribute its services, but following a protracted legal dispute, it’s now going direct to health care plans and providers who want to move data between multiple devices, and has hired McKesson veteran Mark Trigsted to run its new health care group. First customer is Minnesota integrated systems HealthPartners, with a pilot for pregnant women underway already. I spoke with Diversinet’s SVP of sales Jay Couse to find out more about the technology and the business strategy.

Interview with Jay Couse, Diversinet

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  1. We see it as more of a “omniplatform” providing the flow of health data in multiple directions and crosses many boundaries such as Operating Systems, devices, and Health systems. If the patient truly going to be the center of healthcare. Data must flow multi-directional in a non-blocking fashion. The Internet becomes the platform, AKA, “The Cloud”
    Jeff Brandt

  2. Diversinet could be a possible platform for aggregating information but it seems to be just another proprietary walled garden. In looking at their web site, I couldn’t find any specifications for linking my application with their platform. It looks like you can become a “partner” by signing an agreement and I assume that this gives you access to their platform as well as the right to use their long list of patents (but probably only for their platform).
    This is not the platform we are looking for…

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