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Fantastic job: HHS ONC subject matter expert on consumer e-health

Josh Seidman has written from ONC telling us about a fantastic job opportunity. You get to work with the brilliant folks at ONC on fun stuff regarding consumer e-Health. What does that mean? From the posting.

  • Forge alliances with consumer organizations, technology and care delivery innovators and consumer advocates to further the consumer e-health agenda.
  • Develop consumer oriented strategies across the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC).
  • Serve as Project Officer providing project management oversight for contracts, including designing, developing and coordinating project management plans for policy initiatives in conjunction with the Division Director and the Office of Policy and Planning Director.

We’ve been very impressed by everything we’ve seen about ONC’s commitment to patient communication—not least the “sneaking-in” to the meaningful use requirements in Phase 1 of patient education materials (what Don Kemper calls Christmas in July). I can’t think of a more fascinating job for anyone who cares about online health.

So if you’re interested here’s the link to apply

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  1. Another Fun job that will WASTE more of hard working American’s TAX DOLLARS … what a joke

  2. the more thimgs change the more they remain the same and so I agree with truth seeker this is just moonshine masquerading as change. We dont need more experts and more top down medical care-we need a health care system that really cares about people and DHHS doesnt seem to get it

  3. I’m tempted by this job, but alas for various personal reasons will not apply.
    In reference to the previous comment, the solutions are not mutually exclusive and in fact should be complimentary. Also, you seem to be confusing Walmart with McDonald’s.

  4. In the UK, the patients want care, not on line gibberish. They do not use on line resources. This is a waste of money. Spend it on assuring the grease is drained at Walmart.