Healthcare.gov, and health care at OSCON

I'm trying to get better about putting my KOMO radio spots up here, if only because trying to be coherent about a topic in a couple or 45 second soundbites is pretty hard and therefore good practice. Today I'm talking about the new website launched last week by HHS called Healthcare.gov

Here's my two minute explanation (aimed at a the typical AM radio listener in Seattle).

Matthew talks about Healthcare.gov

One of the best analysis I've seen about Healthcare.gov is over on the O'Reilly Radar written by Andy Oram. You should check it out directly.  Andy's coverage of healthcare.gov is part of a bigger interest in healthcare generally from the O'Reilly & Web 2.0 communities, which we of course welcome! (They are partners in the Health 2.0 Developer Challenge)

One place where there's room for lots more activity is in Open Source in health care. Andy has been working hard on getting healthcare into the upcoming OSCON Conference in Portland, OR July 19-23. Here's the Health Care OSCON track. And here's Andy's preview of what will be in the track.

Andy wrote to me with some additional information about the Birds of a Feather meetup:

I want to encourage any interested person nearly Portland, OR to come in for Birds-of-a-Feather sessions even if they can't afford to attend the conference. BOFs are officially for session attendees,but no one ever checks badges and I organized the BOFs in the hope of drawing in more local people: 

The BOF session on Healthcare is Thursday July 21 at 7pm

Finally, three podcast interviews with health care speakers who'll be at OSCON:

  • Brian Behlendorf, one of the founders of the Apache web server project and the CollabNet cooperative software development company, now with HHS on the CONNECT software project
  • Arien Malec, coordinator of NHIN Direct at ONC (and former RelayHealth-er)
  • Fred Trotter, open source advocate in health care and organizer of the (separate) OSHealthcon summit.

So if you're interested in open source and health care, you should make your way to Portland for OSCON.

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