What’s New With McKesson HS

At the AHIP Conference I got a chance to sit down with McKesson Health Solution's Senior VP of Care Management Jim Hardy and VP of Product Development Kevin Maher. The two men were more than happy to share with me some new products that McKesson HS has developed. One product is the Personal Health Advisor that was introduced in the beginning of this year.

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  1. TonyCan you remind us, plesae, if a Trust adopts Lorenzo or Millennium, does the trust pay or is the cost borne by central DH funds? That is, when a Trust refuses to adopt one of these packages, is it correct to say that DH can’t give it away for free ?Thank you, in advance.Best wishesdm

  2. McKesson is moving in a very important direction to
    improve consumer engagement by integrating the data across the different online tools and enabling multi- channel access. Consumers are frustrated interacting with each online tool and having their data stuck in that tool. The example cited was the Health Risk Assessment. Having the HRA information flow into the PHR with McKesson’s new Personal Health Advisor is an essential step.
    I would be interested in learning how patient decision support tools and tracking tools are being built to leverage this integrated health information. For example, an obese patient needs a set of decision support tools around their treatment options and tracking tools to help them manage their weight, nutrition, stress etc.