Doing it on the radio? Yes we can!

Last week Indu and I were on the Patient Power show run by Andrew Schorr and Peter Frishauf (who is an old friend and founded Medscape). It’s a show aimed at consumers and we’re very interested in getting the word out about Health 2.0 direct to consumers. Here’s the show and it’s both well done by Andrew and Peter, and Indu (at least) sounds very intelligent!

In addition I and a team of cohorts will be starting a (brief) spot twice a week on KOMO 1000AM/97.7FM a news radio station in Seattle. I have also recorded my first spot about technology and policy for doctors for ReachMD—a radio channel exclusively for physicians with which THCB has a new agreement. So watch out for yet more radio stardom.

By the way, the full excerpt from Educating Rita is:

In reply to the question, “Suggest how you would resolve the staging difficulties inherent in a production of Ibsen’s Peer Gynt” you have written, quote, “Do it on the radio.”

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