Health 2.0 in the Doctor’s Office

The Health 2.0 meetings are coming thick and fast at the moment. No sooner have we finished Health 2.0 Europe in Paris (a very successful first venture abroad—and fortuitously held before the Icelandic eruptions suspended air travel in the EU), than it’s time for another new territory. And this territory is the world of physicians. We’re going to be in Ponte Vedra Beach near Jacksonville, FL for the Health 2.0 in the Doctor’s Office conference.

The audience will be a little unusual for a Health 2.0 Conference, as this is specifically about the emerging Health 2.0 tools aimed at improving the practices of physicians. That includes both EMRs, practice management tools, and many other lightweight applications for various physician and patient-provider communication and analysis.

Here’s the agenda in Florida, and there’s still room for both physicians and others interested in the physician practice to come join us.

What kind of tools will be there? Well to give you some idea, Allviant (a subsidiary of Medicity) will be demoing their CarePass solution which helps manage patient flow in physicians’ offices, and helps increase the number of patients who come to their appointments while reducing work for the clinic staff—and it makes patients happier too!

Carepass is just the first of Allviant’s big ideas. Here’s a video interiew I did with Lilian Myers (CEO) and Tom McHale (VP, Business Development) at HIMSS a few weeks back to tell you more. You can meet Tom in Florida.

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  1. I would give my right arm to be at the conference this week- Please put up as many videos like this that you can. I do feel that corporate medicine values the copanies that make the tools more than they value the primary care physicians. No one (yet) seems willing pay for improvements in care- it is still business as usual. But a few companies (I won’t name names) seem poised to make a lot of money on this – they are ready to cash in on improving communications with the PCP -but the pcp’s don’t get paid to have web portals etc.

  2. Good luck Matthew,Indu, Lizzie, Hillary.
    We’ll be rooting for you from this side of Eyjafjallajökull (pronounced: ay-yah-FYAH’-tlah-yer-kuh-duhl).
    –as we plan for a future “Health 2.0 in the Dr’s Office in Europe”;-)
    Denise, Miles, Rhys.

  3. Michelle. Don’t take it the wrong way. All Health 2.0 activity ought to improve medical care and health care–the conference in Florida this Saturday is showing off tools specifically designed for physician’s practices. So things like tools specifically designed for patients, or patient communities are not being featured. We’re just doing a little segmentation to help compartmentalize what is an explosion of different types of tools.
    Incognito–the whole idea of this conference is to get less expensive tools into the hands of PCPs and their colleagues compared to what they’re currently offered–and to use these tools to improve practice efficiency AND get them to make (or keep) more money.

  4. I like the idea- (as a primary care Internist with a secure web portal, EHR x 5 years, etc) we try very hard at my office to run on time-
    Only problem I have is carving out money to pay for this- will probably reduce what I get paid –
    As a PCP- lots of these new ideas will make some people very rich- just not the PCP’s
    One thing that would help reduce wait times is more PCP’s 0-just not in the cards yet-

  5. Anyone else find it just a little disheartening that “The audience will be a little unusual for a Health 2.0 Conference, as this is specifically about the emerging Health 2.0 tools aimed at improving the practices of physicians?” I understand what Matt means, but shouldn’t all HIT tools be meant to improve medical practice?
    Besides that (relatively) minor gripe, I look forward to hearing about this conference. Sounds like a lot of practical, in-the-trenches stuff to explore.