RememberItNow! and Prezi

RememberItNow! is a feisty little start-up that’s aiming at the medication reminder/management space. I like the feature set and the approach, and I hope the Pam Swigley the engaging CEO gets some traction. It’s launching officially on Friday

But what I really like is their use of this cool presentation software called Prezi to give their demo. So to kill 2 birdies with one stone, here it is — click the arrow and enjoy.

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  1. On Prezi —
    I like the effect, but thinking it may get old and frankly pretty annoying after awhile. Most effects do. I’d prefer this as a plug in I could apply kinda judiciously to presentations created using other tools. Or does does it already do that? Something to think about ..
    On Remember It Now. I guess I just don’t get it. There are so many people competing in this space … what makes this product different?

  2. I have a few questions for the RememberItNow! folks:
    1.) Do you depend on Google Health and/or Microsoft HealthVault as repositories?
    2.) I noticed you didn’t mention HL7 CDA CCD anywhere so you are going to stick to ASTM CCR, correct?
    3.) If the answer to #1 is ‘no’ then does your product offer an API/SDK for developing extensions or enhancements as Google Health and Microsoft HealthVault do?
    I would greatly appreciate it if you kindly responded.
    The EHR Guy

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