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Since its inception, the New England Healthcare Institute has been committed to the identification, assessment and promotion of valuable health care technologies with the potential to improve the quality of care while reducing cost. The Fast Assessment and Adoption of Significant Technologies (FAST) initiative, conducted in partnership with the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, has been at the core of our work to promote innovation in health care and, among others, has resulted in the identification of computerized physician order entry (CPOE) and tele-ICU programs as key elements of health information technology policy at the private, state and federal levels.

Position Summary

NEHI is seeking a Program Director – Technology with rich experience in the health care  technologies to play a critical role in the continued development of NEHI’s portfolio of health care  technology projects. As health care technology receives greater attention for its ability to significantly improve health care quality and lower costs as part of state and national health reform effort, the Program Director – Technology has the opportunity to catapult the promise of FAST to the national  stage and brand NEHI as a national thought leader in the advancement of promising, underused  innovations.

This is a full-time position and an outstanding opportunity for candidates with strong health  information technology experience to work with senior leaders from all across the health care community to drive change in a fast-paced, team-oriented environment. Ideal candidates bring a blend of skills – problem solving, intellectual curiosity, collaboration – to their work at NEHI.  Download job description. (PDF)

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  1. I think people who apply this job need to be competent in Healthcare IT. The CHISP certification will be a good certification which demonstrate a person’s knowledge and competency int the Healthcare IT.

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