MS-HUG Awards; let’s see you, Health 2.0 gang!

Last year I was a judge in the MS-HUG award for the HealthVault applications category. The quantity and standard of the entries was pitiful. I think that a few sales reps rounded up a few entries at the last minute

Given that many if not most Health 2.0 applications now link to HealthVault I really hope that the entries this year are way better. Here’s the blurb but if you are a cool Health 2.0 company linked to HealthVault, please enter. You have a week or so (and no Microsoft is not paying me to write this! In fact I didn’t even get paid to be a judge!)

Nominations are accepted in the following categories: 

Clinical Records – Inpatient
Clinical Records – Ambulatory
HIE and Interoperability
Microsoft HealthVault Applications
The nominations have been open since mid-December and will close on January 22 at 5:00 pm Central Standard Time. All of this year’s awards information is on the Microsoft HUG website at:

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