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On Stage at Health 2.0: The Cats and Dogs of Health IT

Here's the first in a series of videos from the Health 2.0 Conference a couple of weeks back that we're going to feature on THCB. This was the last panel of the day and it featured three leading health IT figures who've never been on a panel together before.

Following the passing of the stimulus and the debate over meaningful use, there’s been lots of tension between the “cats” (the major IT vendors) & “dogs” (the web-based “clinical groupware” vendors). (Here's the article I wrote about it last January). The real question is how the new wave of EMRs is going to integrate with the consumer facing and population management tools. Can there be unity around the common themes of better health outcomes through physician and patient use of technology? Or will the worlds of Health 2.0 and the EMR move down separate paths?

On the panel were Glen Tullman from Allscripts, Jonathan Bush from AthenaHealth (in his Apple 1984 runner shorts) and David Kibbe, from the AAFP. A feisty discussion about how IT for doctors and patients should play out.

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