The Big Day for Health 2.0

Yes, today is the big day for Health 2.0 or rather the first of two huge days. In less than 7 hours Indu and I will be stepping onto the stage and six months of work, rehearsals and excitement come to a climax. Many thanks in advance to all the speakers, sponsors, staff, exhibitors, volunteers and members of the Health 2.0 community for coming. We’re ready (or close as we’ll ever be!)

I can’t hope to capture all that’s happening, but here’s two big pieces of news. Myca just received an investment from Sandbox, the Blues venture fund. You can hear an interview I did with Nat Findlay, Myca CEO from a few days back here. You can see Myca both on the Clinical Groupware panel on Day 1 (today!) and in a sponsored Deep Dive on day 2.

And Keas, Adam Bosworth’s company, is formally launching on Day 2 and gets its own article in the NY Times today. You’ll be hearing more about this, and platforms and unplatforms throughout the conference!

Finally, THCB & Health 2.0 has its own little news. JD Kleinke (the Arriana Huffington of health care!) is emerging from a long period of seclusion and both pens his first article as a a THCB contributor today, but is also a very late addition to the “Can Health 2.0 Make Health Care More Affordable” panel at Health 2.0 today!

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