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Washington DC conference and party!

Wednesday morning I’ll be at the AHRQ annual conference in Rockville, Maryland. I’m moderating a panel looking at “Experiences in Patient-Centered Care: Improving Coordination and Communication among Patients and Providers”. Given this is an AHRQ meeting there’ll be actual research presented from:

    • Gail Brottman, Director of Pediatric Pulmonary Medicine at Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis;
    • Jennifer Uhrig, Senior Health Communication Scientist at RTI;
    • Jim Tufano, Assistant Professor, University of Washington’s program in Biomedical & Health Informatics

Of course I’ll be dragging them down to my non-academic level pretty soon!

If you can’t join the academics in the morning, you may want to come by a drinks party hosted by my friend Maggi Cary in the evening. For that one you’ll have to email me to find out a few more details!

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  1. I’m at the session right now. As a researcher, I am delighted to hear about some excellent research on an important topic. But more importantly, as a patient/family member, I am thrilled to hear Matthew and audience members really probe the tensions that arise in implementing technology into health care. Seems like there’s so much promise, but without being honest about the challenges and the focusing on the objectives of real improvements in communication and coordination, we won’t make as much progress as possible. Great job Matthew! And nice work AHRQ in organizing a thoughtful conference.

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