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Data drives decisions? Crowd-sourcing as the future of research

So, I get back from lounging on the beach in Hawaii to find that two strands of the THCB and Health 2,0 worlds have connected! At the Health 2.0 Conference we’re going to be hearing from 23andme, PatientsLikeMe, Pfizer, MedHelp, Within3 and more about the role that crowd-sourced data has on the future of decisions and discovery.

And then in the NY Times today there’s an excellent article all about this called Research Trove – Patients Online Data. And the author is THCB alumna Sarah Arnquist, who is now in Africa studying health care in Uganda.

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  1. Data and some empirical models. Our medicine today is stll with a lot of voodoo.
    What we need is ability to establish causality between the symptoms and individuals. At the most, right now it is ethnic or geographical to some extent. It need to be personalized.
    But I guess you meant EMR when you mentioned data!

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