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Interview with Jonathan Bush, AthenaHealth CEO

In this interview Jonathan Bush explains the nation’s major problem: a severe shortage of MUMPS programmers. Well not exactly, but as always the AthenaHealth CEO is well worth watching. And of course he’ll be at Health 2.0 on the same panel as Allscripts CEO Glen Tullman. That will really be worth watching, and of course you can sign up to come to Health 2.0 in October here.

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  1. Why at this day and age we should even be thinking about MUMPS?
    Two to Six months problem? Ludicrous.
    After all the advances of technology we are going to retrocede several decades?
    Longevity? Hogwash! Mummies last a long time too.
    Over 80% of hospitals don’t have EHRs so MUMPS isn’t that significant, is it?
    The goal of installing EHRs in that massive amount of hospitals is going to take modern technology not a Mummified one.
    The EHR Guy

  2. Well, if MUMPS really is a problem is is a two or six month problem — that’s about how long it would take a modestly talented programmer to get up to speed on it. And for all the MUMPS-bashing that goes on, it really is a useful programming system — as attested by its longevity.
    He’s absolutely right that the “security” problem is quite separate from the “improvement” problem. The trouble seems to be that “security” is “too expensive” until the “improvement” problem is solved.
    He seems to be on the CDHP end of the reform spectrum — disintermediation, transparency, and so-forth. This seems to address the “improvement” aspect before the “security” aspect.
    I like his enthusiasm.