Health Reform: A Poetic Update (With apologies to Judy Collins)

6a00d8341c909d53ef0115702ff0f9970b-pi Come hear the rich Speak of the poor. Of the price tag for coverage And its CBO score. Where are the clowns?

Don’t you love talk About health care reform? Of fearing bankruptcy from illness No longer the norm? Send in the clowns.

Yet just when I dared starting to hope. We’d have genuine change — ah, what a dope. Thinking this time the fight might be fair. Sure with the slump that the middle class cares.

Don’t you love farce? From purveyors of fear? Watch fat men scream, “Rationing” and “Red ink” — Sorry, my dear. But where are the clowns? There ought to be clowns. Don’t bother, they’re here.

Were Dems so surprised? Could no one foresee? “Comparative effectiveness” — red meat to the GOP. No link between facts and what they will say. What a surprise. What a cliché.

Can Obama still win? With a majority clear, In Senate and House — it’s still the chance of his career. Forget about clowns. There’ll always be clowns. Push a bill through this year.

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  1. Credit should go to Sondheim, although I picked Collins because her lyrics were slightly different than the original in A Little Night Music.
    As for my liberalism…that’s not what the REAL liberals say.