A glimpse of what might have been: Palin announces Alaska health goals

PalinAlaska Gov. Sarah Palin announced plans last week to improve Alaskans’ health.

Palin supports expanding Denali Health, the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, to families earning twice the federal poverty level. Expanding the program would make an additional 1,300 children and 225 pregnant women eligible for coverage, The Anchorage Daily News reported.

Palin’s plan also includes creating a Web site  called "Live Well Alaska" "to offer suggestions in
such health-related areas as diet and exercise as well as tips to quit

The hockey mom governor also wants to dedicate an additional $2 million in preschool, $250,000 toward early diagnosis of autism, and establishing a state health commission to further work.

The Daily News says Palin has some "good ideas," but should go further toward universal coverage and recruiting additional primary care doctors to Alaska.

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  1. Its good that state is taking interest to improve the people’s health by providing such a health insurance policy.It would be also beneficial for gambler who got bankrupt and meet such a dangerous disease like a heart-attack,hypertension and other fatal.

  2. I wonder if she plans to make any changes to their health insurance system. Back during the campaign, she received a lot of criticism on the high-risk pool they currently have in Alaska. Health care reform will undoubtedly affect the health insurance industry, so it will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

  3. Amazing! What Palin’s doing in Alaska right now is for certain not “what might have been” had she and McCain been elected.
    I imagine a few Alaskans are thanking God for publicity ploys.

  4. I wonder if Ms. Palin would be willing to support a state income tax (there is no state income tax now) and tapping the Alaskan Permanent Fund (oil money) to pay for expanding healthcare? I wonder if residents would get behind that?