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Trudy Lieberman at the CJR : Campaign Desk calls Mike Huckabee’s views on health care "a fresh addition to the national health care discussion." Huckabee talked about the origins of health and the need to focus on societal issues that help keep people healthy and avoid the pitfalls of obesity, smoking, alcoholism, etc. Huckabee said, “the real enemy is not the health care system; it’s poor health.”

Partners in Health improves chronic care in Rwanda with electronic medical records. The model is based on home health monitoring, a lot like Health Buddy, says Steve Brown, but without the institutional barriers and a lot less expensive.

Alex Savic, of Alensa, compares eHealth in the U.S. to the U.K. and concludes that there’s much less innovation in the U.K., which he attributes to the lack of privitization in the EMR and HIT worlds.

The Toronto Star examines how the elderly thrive in Denmark by staying in their homes as long as possible, and having the option of small, comfortable nursing homes.

At Business Week, Michael Mandel writes
that health care employment is one of the few things keeping the
economy going in a piece called "Revenge of the Health Care Economy."

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  1. “the real enemy is not the health care system; it’s poor health.”
    Absolutely. This is why we should cancel all school sports, close all ski slopes, ban gun sales, ban sharp or pointy objects, ban ladders, ban driving, walking or in any way getting out of bet. That way there won’t be any additional expense from broken bones or broken skin. We should ban walks in the woods, lest we be forced to pay for someone’s poison ivy.
    Give me a break.
    Some expense, yes, comes from bad habits. I can’t help think that someone, somewhere must be getting filthy rich from my $180 visit to the emergency room to clean a cut from a chef’s knife. Someone must be doing pretty well to afford to give away all the Viagra pens I find scattered around doctor’s offices. Someone must be profiting from keeping things the way they are. That’s how the “free market” works, after all. Sure. Kill people. Let them rot. Let them moan and crust and wither. Only until you reach a point where the deaths affect demand do you really see an adjustment, right?